Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Be Thankful In all Things!

Good Morning.. As we preparing ourselves for Thanksgiving, remember to be thankful for all things even in your valley experiences. Here is an inspiration excerpt from the book  "How did I get Here?" Get your copy today. Go to or   Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and as always Be Blessed and Be Ye Encouraged.

 Poem - "Listen"
Swim through the river of tears until you reach the destination of your passion,
Search through the fields of disappointment and confusion until you stumble across the field of purpose,
Climb up the ladder of your rejection until you reach the level of your potential,
Fight to rise above the quick sand of gossip and negativity that keeps you bound in your own self-pity,
Continue to sow a seed of endurance until it produces a harvest of restortion....

"Get the Book" 

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